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Fenian Photographs


Fenians; Cork Fenians; Fenian Rising


A collection of photographs of various members of the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) taken after the arrest of various members between 1865-1867.

The collection was acquired by Walter McGrath, a Cork local historian, and passed to the County Library. A note in the file is dated 8/10/70, and in Irish, states copies of the photographs were obtained from the 'Fenian Files' in the State Paper Office in Dublin Castle.

The main figures in Cork Fenian circles at the time were Brian Dillon, Charles Underwood O'Connell, James O'Connor, John Lynch, J.J. Geary and John Kenealy. There was much Fenian activity in the city and county from 1864 onwards. But in Sept 1865 the government conducted a round up and arrest of many of the leading figures, postponing any immediate action by the organisation. However, in the spring of 1867 there was a Fenian rising, with units of men marching across the city and county. The uprising failed and resulted in a Special Commission in Cork Courthouse in May 1867. There is an account of the Fenian Rising in Cork by Walter McGrath in the Irish Sword, 1968.


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Fenian Photographs

Items in the Fenian Photographs Collection

Brian Dillon
Arrest photograph of Brian Dillon.
Photograph annotated by Walter McGrath: "(1830-72) One of four IRB Centres for city at time of arrests in ‘65"

Captain Dunn
Photograph of Captain Dunn.

Charles Kickham
Arrest photograph of Charles Kickham.

Charles Underwood O'Connell
Arrest photograph of Charles Underwood O'Connell
"Also for a time a Centre in Cork. One of the “Cuba Five” (with Devoy, Rossa, McClure and Mulleda)" - annotation by Walter McGrath

Diarmuid O'Mahony
Photograph of Diarmuid O'Mahony
"Chief “Centre” in Cork ’67. Member of Directory. See Wm O’Brien’s Recollections for later references." - annotation by Walter McGrath

James Adams
Photograph of James Adams
"Lived 18 Dyke Parade" - annotation by Walter McGrath

James Irwin
Photograph of James Irwin
"Clonakilty" - annotation by Walter McGrath

James Joseph O'Connell O'Callaghan
Photograph of James Joseph O'Connell O'Callaghan
"Swore John Devoy into IRB" - annotation by Walter McGrath

Jerh O'Donovan
Arrest photograph of Jerh O'Donovan.
"Of Coolflugh, Blarney. References to him in Rossa’s “Prison Life”" - annotation by Walter McGrath

John Kenneally
Arrest photograph of John Kenneally
"Born Glenlara, Co. Cork. Helped Devoy in “Catalpa” rescue." - annotation by Walter McGrath

John Lynch
Arrest photograph of John Lynch
"One of Cork’s four “Centres” at time of arrests in ’65. Sentenced to 10 years. Died in Woking Prison Hospital Jun 2, 1866" - annotation by Walter McGrath

John O'Connor
Photograph of John O'Connor.
"MP" - annotation by Walter McGrath

Martin Hogan
Photograph of Martin Hogan.
"Limerick. One of Catalpa Six." - annotation by Walter McGrath

Michael O'Regan
Arrest photograph of Michael O'Regan.
"Of Rosscarbery. See Rossa’s Prison Life." - annotation by Walter McGrath

Octave Louis Fariola
Photograph of Octave Louis Fariola.

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa
Arrest photograph of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa.

Patrick F. Barry
Arrest photograph of Patrick F. Barry.
"Sentenced to 10 years. Later a member of Cork Corporation." - annotation by Walter McGrath

Thomas Clarke Luby
Arrest photograph of Thomas Clarke Luby

Thomas Duggan
Arrest photograph of Thomas Duggan.
"Of Ballincollig. 10 years. Transported to Fremantle in ’67. Died in 1916. Grandfather of Archdeacon T.F. Duggan, Cork." - annotated by Walter McGrath.

Thomas Hayes
Arrest photograph of Thomas Hayes.
"Of Rosscarbery" - annotation by Walter McGrath

Tim Connell
Photograph of Tim Connell

William Murphy
Photograph of William Murphy

Walter McGrath - notes
The photographs were accompanied by two handwritten notes by Walter McGrath. One explaining where the photographs came from and the other appears to give information on a Michael F. Murphy, but the photograph is no longer in the collection.